What’s Your Big Deal?

What’s Your Big Deal?

If you had a popular platform from which to launch a national discussion, what topic would you choose for the nation to address?

What makes it so crucial? Why do you think it has been either overlooked or under-addressed? If you could also pressure Congress to actually act, what are the changes you would encourage them to make?


While our authors are working on their responses, I’d love to hear our readers’ nominations and thoughts in the comments. What’s your Big Deal?

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a reform-minded historian, center-left Democrat, and religious believer.

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  1. Lobbying and campaign finance seems to be the largest roadblock to passing major legislation. Everyone talks the talk before they are elected. After elections have been won, thee seem to throw their hands in the air when the reform either means their political demise or seems impossible to tackle. This is the single largest issue we are facing in our political system. #getmoneyoutofpolitics #businessesarepeoplemyfriends

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