Next Topic: Voter ID

Next Topic: Voter ID

With Election Day rapidly approaching, I think it is time we tackle one of the crucial issues of the day: Voter ID laws.

Are they civil rights violation or a common sense protection for voting integrity? A partisan power grab? A racist power grab? Politics as usual? A good idea poorly executed? A necessary but imperfect remedy?

As Jacob and I consider these questions, we’d also like to invite you to consider writing a guest post for us. Clinton’s in the middle of midterms and so will be taking a short break. If you’d like to share your thoughts on voter ID, just let us know in the comments here. We look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Hey guys, I recieved an invite here from Clinton, who follows my FB page. I’m a progressive social democrat and an athiest secular humanist, that is if I must wear a label. I’m new here so someone will have to show me the ropes.

    In terms of Voter ID, I think at the moment there’s little data to suggest such a step is necessary. All such efforts to that goal which I’ve seen so far seem to be more politically charged and less concerned about protecting the legitimacy of the American voter. That’s not to say such a program cannot or should not be implemented but it needs to be done in such a way that no citizens are disenfranchised in the process.

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