Has political bias become a big problem?

Has political bias become a big problem?

The topic this week deals with a fast growing trend in America. “Partyism”. A recent article was penned by Cass Sunstein in Bloomberg View about a study by two political scientists out of Stanford University which found that political bias has grown so much that it has overtaken racial bias in the country. In a world where we can tailor our diet of information to exactly how we’d like it, these findings likely won’t come as a surprise. So with armed with the information from this study, have you ever encountered “partyism” and do you think it poses an issue in our society or is it no big deal? Furthermore, do you agree with their likely cause, modern campaigns, or do you see another likely cause and what can be done to reduce such behavior, if you feel it is necessary to do so?

Enjoy our wholly non-scientific poll below!

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How big of a problem does "partyism" pose in America?
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